The Method

Breathe. Pray. Move. Love. 

One of my first yoga classes, I was visited by the spirit of my maternal grandmother whom I loved and missed dearly. While in Savasana, she hovered above me as a white owl with angel wings and gave me a very simple template for loving myself back to wholeness. She instructed me to focus on my breath, move my body, sing, and most importantly use MY hands to heal myself and others.

For years since her passing, I had longed for her unconditional love and sweet voice once again. Within the stillness of Savasana, I received her blessings nearly every single day from that day forward. I continued on this path of healing with fierce diligence; transmuting my pain and discovering my purpose. I am devoted to leading, guiding, and inspiring others to listen to the voice of their souls and helping them connect to the light within.

Breathe. Pray. Move. Love.


My grandmother’s words, so clear and true: “Breathe, baby girl, drink yourself up. Focus on each breath, turn your mind off. Leave thinking, and drop into your heart. Inhale expanding, exhale contracting – this process is intrinsic to Life.”


Speak with compassion, clarity, and truth – your words hold power. Open yourself to receive all you desire. In each breath resides your soul’s song – ask your guides to illuminate the way. They are always with you, waiting to connect.


Your body IS a living, breathing, and moving prayer, awakening as you deepen your connection to Mother Earth. Feel the waters, winds, and fires within. Lay upon her. Sing and adorn her. Move consciously and feel the electric current of creation pulsing – this flow IS YOU.


Purify your soul, release all that is not yours – become a beacon. Through compassion and acceptance, rivers of light flow through, to, and for you. Your hands are an extension of your heart – use them to heal yourself, the Earth, and others.


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