Step into my intimate space, where we recalibrate and restore your energetic field to its home frequency. Together, we co-create a journey tailored to your blessed opening, allowing you to unravel and become the truest version of yourself.

Embracing every moment with radical acceptance, we navigate without a specific destination. Choosing love over fear, we alchemize ego into soul, recognizing that this transformation is a gradual, steady process.

With 21 years as a registered nurse and a decade of studying yoga, meditation, reiki, breathwork, shamanism, and conscious relating, I offer a potent blend for your transformation.

My medicine is FIERCE LOVE & COMPASSION. Drink it up and you’ll be completely intoxicated by delicious, divine love. 

Welcome to my VIBE.


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One on One

The Cosmic Heart

4 month mentorship

For The Mothers,

the Magic Makers,

The Moment Menders.

This mentorship is for you if:

⟡ You feel called to connect with your inner guidance system and deepen your intuition. 

⟡ You desire to develop a deeper understanding of your body’s wisdom and rhythms.

⟡ You want to align with work that is more heart-centered.

⟡ You’re excited to learn practices and rituals of creation through magnetism.


Ready to transform?

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What to expect:

❖ To become more embodied: fully present.

❖ To experience more pleasure and joy in your life.

❖ Improved and balanced relationships.

❖ To feel connected to not only yourself BUT something much bigger than YOU.

❖ Expand in business and artistry.

How it works:

❖ Discovery Call: Begin with a conversation to explore your desires and intentions.

❖ Personalized Plan: Create a mentorship plan tailored to your unique journey and needs.

❖ Guided Sessions: Engage in transformative sessions that offer guidance and healing.

❖ Practical Techniques: Learn practical techniques for your soul and legacy liberation.

Other Offerings

joy dust ceremony ❖ A Hands on body temple worship & attunement

$333 + 3 days of telegram support 

$888 + 3 1:1 online 60 minute coaching sessions including somatic support and integration

❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖

In this 120 minute shamanic journey through the feminine gateways of GRACE,  you will anchor into the magic of mother earth while simultaneously traveling into the Cosmic womb for deeper listening of universal sound and remembrance.  

Through the BLISS method, we will co-create a space to activate unseen aspects, to illuminate the antidote and radiate our home frequency of unconditional love.  This harmonic haven includes plant medicine (Pua ehu’ehu), energy work, light massage, guided visualizations, elemental attunements, sound frequencies, intuitive guidance and integration.  

We are born from the earth and the wave of our mothers’ love. We transition from spirit to earth in the womb, a place that is meant to be peaceful and safe yet this isn’t always so.  Many have disconnected from emotional and physical traumas that have created cellular imprints in our dna.   

The womb is also where we as women hold the greatest power, so this is no surprise.  

Within the caverns of the wounded heart and the great mysteries of the womb, women possess the power to nurture, create and grow new life.  We must move through limiting beliefs, old patterns and programs to access a higher vibration and it is here that we meet our guardians and bright ancestors of the unseen to show us THE WAY.


Heart & Honey quantum soul alchemy & womb clearing

$222 + 3 days telegram support

$777 + 3 , 60 minute 1:1 online coaching sessions including somatic support and integration

Online via zoom 90 minutes

❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖

A quantum healing journey moving through waves of transformation, ripples of liberation into a sea of inspiration.  This harmonic haven includes plant medicine (pua ehu ehu), guided visualization, breathwork, gentle movements, somatic touch, sound frequencies, intuitive guidance and integration. From wounds to wisdom, jaded to joy, and pain to purpose – you will be rebirthed as the violet flames of alchemy dissolve you into who you were always meant to be. 

Reconnecting to the wisdom of the Cosmic womb is what will rebalance the Earth.  

This is a call into full body liberation and soul transformation. 

This is soul alchemy. This is your divine destiny.