When I met Jess I had the experience of healing and freedom.

“Her magnetic field is healing and inspiring. I immediately knew that she was the right person to support me in my process of forgiving and releasing ancestral karma. Her hoponopono session is wonderful. Her passion, knowledge of the tradition, and trust in the medicine that she has channeled generated confidence in me so that my nervous system would relax. she touched my heart with each process, allowing me to rest in my heart. release the burden that my maternal grandmother felt and the barrier that still separated me from my mother. Two days after the session, my mother came in a dream to make amends with me for human ignorance when I was growing up as a powerful child. After the session with Jess, my self-confidence has been strengthened, my relationship with my inner king is more loving, and I can rest in the structures in my life, that I used to judge and criticize. Thanks to the session I know, I feel in myself that I am enough, that what I do is enough and that I am always supported.”

Julia Gomez

Jessie holds a loving, non-judgmental space and I would recommend this experience to anyone that is feeling the call.

Experiencing the fern medicine ceremony with Jessie was deeply healing and is treasured as a memory I will carry for the rest of my days. She led us on a gorgeous hike before we landed under an Ohia tree, overlooking an expansive canyon view. Here, she guided us by sharing breathing techniques and movements to accompany the medicine. I went in with a curious open heart, and honestly didn’t know what to expect. What came through was a profound movement of tears, love, compassion, healing & grace that felt deeply connected to my feminine and masculine roots. Once the process was complete, I was met with a sweet ‘mama bear’ hug, and felt lighter in my being from the release. Jessie holds a loving, non-judgmental space and I would recommend this experience to anyone that is feeling the call.

Caren Chroma

We transformed our pain and regret into wisdom and hope.

“There are times in our lives where we feel exhausted, worn out, used, unloveable, betrayed, angry, powerless and alone. Everyone goes through these emotions. Yet, these feelings can be very destructive in the long term if not handled and transformed correctly. When I met Jessie, I was in that dark place. I felt like I lost all my power and light. I felt like I wasn’t enough. But thankfully Jessie was there to guide me to the light. We did amazing sessions of meditation, yoga and fern medicine. We transformed our pain and regret into wisdom and hope. She taught me a lot of good lessons on self-worth and self-love. Because in the end, if you don’t love yourself enough, you cannot give and receive love. If you don’t know your self-worth, nobody will recognise how valuable you are. But if you let your cup to overflow with love and light, your true self will start to shine so bright! I am so thankful for Jessie for guiding me to the light when I was in the darkness, channeling me to my ancestors, making me understand the beautiful concept of “surrendering”, boosting my confidence with practices, making me get in touch with my feminine and masculine sides and loving me unconditionally. Meeting you was such a magical moment! Thank you very much for helding my hand like a sister and helping me transform. I hope to continue our magical sessions soon ♥️”


Jess has the medicine you need
when you need it.

“One immediately feels held and supported in her presence. After the ceremony she led for my beloved and I, we were able to connect with each other in a deeper way, with more expansion and a greater sense of freedom.

The ancestral healing portals she offers through prayer, ritual and visualization are beyond powerful and have reverberating effects that can be felt in all areas of one’s life.”

Lucy M.

This session with Jess was such a beautiful experience.

“I not only went into an amazingly relaxed state but I also began to receive intuitive and creative insights. The whole thing totally opened up my heart and mind. Her voice and her guidance really set the tone for me to go inward and get deeper in touch with myself. She truly has a gift and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Danielle W.

She gathers all of this GOOD stuff and imparts it JOYFULLY

Jessie is the kind of guide who invites you along on her journey of this great mystery we call life. She doesn’t only invite you into her healing salon, she combines her nursing skills with her spiritual practices. For example on one of her yoga nidra journeys, she may invite you on a magical exploration through your own physical body.  She gathers all of this GOOD stuff and imparts it JOYFULLY. Jessie is like a spiritual cheerleader and I for one, am cheering her on!!!  

Lenore M.

Jessie helped me clear some stuff that really needed to move!

With her fun positive attitude, the somatic movement and breath sessions, Jessie really helped me clear some stuff that needed to move! I recommend her as a practitioner in the highest. Thanks again Jessie.

Nelson M.