Imagine death as a celebration. A rite of passage.

A sojourn from this life into the unknown. An adventure. Death is a natural progression of things. Death is more than just a medical event, it is an opportunity for us to mend ourselves and our relationships.  A gift for the growth of our souls and the health of our lineage. Growth doesn’t happen in our comfort zone, it happens in the edges. Death is a time of edges.  

 Sweet Living is a family and individual mentorship, specifically curated to you and your families needs and intentions upon receiving a terminal diagnosis and facing the great FEARS of end of life.  This program combines emotional and spiritual support, guidance and education for death preparation, grieving, forgiveness, legacy work, bereavement and after death care.  Together we will work to create an intimate and safe container where confusion and heavy emotions are held with fierce compassion.  Education, ritual, and holistic comforting practices move you from grief to grace.  Space is made for the full spectrum of emotions by soothing the central nervous system to allow all emotions to be gently experienced.  

Transformational Soul Journey

Available 1-on-1 or as a family

For clients already enjoying a modicum of health. Here we are optimising vitality, providing emotional, energetic and nutritional support for the individual and family network.


Can require in-home caretaking, a more involved level of physical care in addition to the emotional and energetic support. Guidance and preparation for the death portal.


Frequently asked questions 

What is a death (soul) doula?

A trained professional who assists in the dying process helping families to cope with death honouring it as a natural and important part of life. They act from the heart of compassion and consideration for the well being of the client and all those caring for the client. They foster relationships with individuals beyond their diagnosis and strive to minimize the loneliness and isolation that is often present throughout the dying process.

Who is it for?

Individuals and families of those with a terminal illness diagnosis and facing end of life. Those wishing to increase love, care, healing and life fulfilment before, during, nearing and after death. Sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one.

What can be included?

Advance care and after death care planning, advocacy, vigil support, ritual, reconciliation, life review, legacy work and letting go of unnecessary possessions before and after death, holistic comfort measures, companionship and grief support for family and client.

Vision map for your transition
As an end of life doula we begin by creating a beautiful vision for your sacred transition. This usually looks like a 3 month end of life care plan that focuses on your practical care & comfort, spiritual awareness, emotional completion and life review.   
Conscious end- of- life doula care 
you or your loved one will receive compassionate care by receiving comforting holistic modalities: presence, relaxation, reiki, breath work, gentle touch, movement, vibrational sound healing and calming practices.   
Vigils + rituals for end of life care
Honoring your loved one through a Sacred Vigil and ritual creates lasting memories that will comfort your heart and soul for the rest of your life. Designing those last moments beautifully to create a softer landing for all.  
What are the ‘benefits?

Peace and calm through preparation, reigniting the soul, remembering how to LIVE joyfully, families feel competent and less afraid of the unknown, deepened sense of meaning throughout dying experience

What experience do you have that enables you to offer this work?: I have been a registered nurse for 20 years and supported families and patients at the end of life in the hospital setting. I have been working with private ageing individuals offering yoga and energy healing for over 4 years. I was also at both of my grandmother’s bedside during their illnesses and soul transitions.

Can it be online? Or only in person?

I work virtually with clients from all over the world and I am available Hawaii standard time.

I live on the Big Island in Hawaii, and I am available to work directly with clients, and sit vigil, with anywhere on the Big Island. I am also able o travel to surrounding islands if needed.

Where in Hawaii do you offer this service?

I live on the Big Island in Hawaii, and I am available to work directly with clients, and sit vigil, with anywhere on the Big Island. I am also able o travel to surrounding islands if needed.

What should I not expect from an end of life doula?
  • prepare the body following death
  • make diagnosis
  • end of life doulas give support not advice
  • make diagnosis
  • dispense medications of any kind
  • act as social workers
  • make assumptions about what the client or their family/friends need
  • take over and drive the process-they support the families needs
How much does it cost?
Total financial commitment will vary between $2000 and $5000 based on individual & family needs, your time availability and will be established after your initial consultation.  

I provide emotional and spiritual support for both individuals and family during this sacred transition. 

It is my great honour and privilege to be present for this journey.  It is not an easy transition, but I aim to help create more ease and a greater sense of peace through the art of acceptance, tenderness and solace.

Together we will create a space for the soul work necessary to become a well and healed ancestor for your lineage. 

with Love, Jessie

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