The forest has a powerful medicine that cannot be duplicated in any other ceremonial space. There is a way that a certain place speaks to the soul,
like provocative poetry and a soft lullaby in the same breath.  

Jessie facilitates more than just a hike. She joyously intertwines breathwork, ceremony, meditation and intention along the way immersing in mother earth’s sweet nectar of earth, wind, water, fire and sky.  The journey is a form of worship, an exchange of love and energy between ourselves and the jungle.  Our minds are stilled by the beauty and grace of the forest.  Traversing through these sacred sites gifts us a greater sense of connection, opening the channel of communication with the ancestors of the plant kingdom. Every step is a prayer, blessing the way back to our true selves. 

Retreats are individually curated immersion experiences that honour the sacred land and teachings of Hawaii as well the sacred history of your unique soul. Jessie is a holistic practitioner, addressing not only the individual on a personal level, but also the family structure as a whole. All things are interrelated. As such, retreats highlight the principle of harmonious relationships: specifically through the practice of Ho’oponopono.


Depending on where you are on the island and how far you will travel there are a few expansive spots with forests, waterfalls and black sand beaches. These go from Waimea, Kamuela to Kapaau and also include the island of Kauai. We will decide the perfect place on our deep dive conversation. 

The inspiration hikes are truly a day of immersion and we will be together for around 6 hours depending on your intention, level of wonder and awe and individual needs. You have my time for the duration of the day.  

This experience is $111 per person, with a minimum of 3 people.