Choosing LOVE over fear is the path forward for healing and wholeness.  

We must see, hear, feel and understand every part of ourselves -the shadow AND the light. It is only when we are fully present in our body, that we become completely exposed and naked in the ultimate truth of who we are. An open heart is the gateway to strengthening the relationship you have with yourself. 

I was once paralyzed by fear, scarcity and unworthiness
from the moment I opened my eyes”

As a young child in church I heard stories of heaven and hell that scared me to death.  Buying into the guilt and shame that came along with just being born nearly took my life many times. I observed others walking on clouds around me while I was in my own personal eternal damnation. I was paralyzed by fear, scarcity and unworthiness from the moment I opened my eyes in the morning until I discovered the numbing and dissociative power of alcohol and drugs at age 15. 

I barely survived those fearful years but thank GOD for learned manipulation, the medical system and liquid courage. I was always a medicine woman at heart but I was just using the wrong medicines. In the height of my theatrics, I could create the most believable concoctions of hysteria and manipulation to convince almost any doctor into helping me get up or helping me get down. They all worked really well UNTIL – they didn’t. Eventually the insanity, depression and anxiety manifested in a complete crisis.

This crisis was a debilitating medical reaction to alcohol that somehow trumped the mental and spiritual suffering that I had experienced for so many years.  During this time, Great Spirit spoke to me.  This was not our first encounter, but it was the first time I listened.  I initiated a beautiful relationship with meditation and yoga, soon I began to hear the voice of my Soul.

During one of my first yoga classes, I was visited by the spirit of my maternal grandmother whom I loved and missed dearly. While in savasana, she hovered above me as an owl with angel wings and gave me a very simple template for loving myself back to wholeness. She instructed me to focus on my breath, move my body, sing, and most importantly to use MY hands to heal myself and others.  For years since her passing I had longed for her unconditional love and sweet voice once again. Within the stillness of savasana, I received her blessings and nearly every single day from that day forward. I continued on this path of healing with fierce diligence; transmuting my pain  and discovering my purpose. I began teaching yoga, guiding and inspiring others to listen to the voice of their souls and helping them connect to their ancestors.   

The longest journey you will ever take is the journey from your head to your heart.  

From fear to love. There IS NO pill or quick fix for fear….We must face everything and in doing so, we rise. Heaven and hell are right here on earth. The emotions, programs and patterns that we carry in our hearts determine which one we exist in.

Today I find myself floating on heavenly clouds deep within my soul, connected to my ancestors and living on the island of HAWAII. I joyfully immerse myself in the ancient healing practices and protocols native to this land, welcoming the power of Ho’oponopono and Fern plant medicine into my practice. My heart is at ease knowing that I am forever held and supported by her beauty, grace and the spirit of ALOHA.

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